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Can I use these images to create avatars, layouts, illustrations, etc.?

Sure - that's what they're there for. A credit and/or link back to and/or would be appreciated if possible.

Why did you skip all the scenes inside the wormhole? Those are some of the most important images!

Since the same wormhole footage is shared by many different episodes - with minor variations in picture quality, color tint, and so forth - each general type of wormhole sequence will be compiled into a single gallery under the "Wormhole Interior Shots" section. That way, you'll be able to find the image you want much more easily than by paging through dozens of episodes.

Will galleries be added for the DVD special features?

Probably not. Every byte of this server will be needed to document the series itself in this much detail. However, photos of the boxes, disks, menu screens and featurettes can be found at Earth 62's DVD section and Gate Haven's Hall of Obscurity.

Why are the episodes listed in such a strange order? That's not how they appear on the DVDs.

The order on this site reflects how the episodes were intended to air by the makers of the show. The order FOX ran them in - which was duplicated on the DVD sets - is wrong, and causes several discontinuities within the series. For instance:
  • "Prince of Wails" opens where "Summer of Love" leaves off, with the Sliders dressed as hippies and struggling to keep ahead of a flood. FOX, however, insisted on running "Prince of Wails" first.

  • In "Time Again and World," Arturo notes that the last time they interfered with another world's affairs, Quinn ended up with a bullet in his back (referring to the previous season's "Luck of the Draw"). However, FOX ran "Time Again and World" directly after "El Sid," in which Arturo spends the entire episode grouching about Quinn's interference having gotten them into trouble yet again.

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